A Queer Coming of Age

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First of all, Gabby Rivera is a treasure! I first picked up Juliet Takes a Breath after seeing her on a panel at my local Barnes and Noble and Gabby's thoughtfulness and enthusiasm made me want to pick up her novel immediately.

Juliet Takes a Breath follows Juliet as she travels from the Bronx to Portland after coming out to her family. She runs away immediately afterwards to go intern for her feminist icon, only to realize that her icon isn't infallible. She has all of her own issues, chief among them that she's a very white feminist. So for Puerto Rican Juliet, she has to figure out what being brown and being a feminist means. Not to mention, being queer and being a feminist. Then put them all together and Juliet has a lot to figure out. With the help of a hot motorcycle driving librarian, Juliet starts to come into her own and figures out where she fits in with her intersecting identities.