Not for me, but others might enjoy this one!

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- 2.5 Stars -

I ended up DNF'ing this one after attempting to read through the first half of the novel. For starters, this was my first book from this author, and one of my first books in this subgenre. Unfortunately though, I found that this type of genre/plot just wasn't for me. I was a little bored by the general plotline of solving the murders, and I felt that the story moved too slowly for my taste.

However, I think that those who usually like crime/detective thriller stories will really enjoy this one (especially if you don't mind slower-developed storylines), since it has great writing and amazing, well-rounded characters.

In short, I think that it is objectively a great book, but I just felt that I wasn't the right audience for it. Nevertheless, I'd recommend detective-story lovers to give this book a try!

Thank you to BookishFirst for providing me this ARC in exchange for an honest review!