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There was a lot of good twist and turns in this book. I loved jack's, character, he is strong weld, and willing to do what he has to to get the results he wants. There is some burglaries, that turn deadly. When a body is found, it is jacks job to find out who is. Committing the robberies,and murders and to. Arrest them, and hopefully stop it.. I can't wait to. Pick up the next book when it comes out.i have read. Three of lynda books, and have liked them.. I love her writing , and all the characters. There. Are several books i have not read yet, but plan to pick them up soon.lynda has become an auto buy. For me., she has left me wanting more. I hope she writes more books with jacks character in them. I will definitely be keeping an eye open , and definitely read her books. I will also be catching up on her other books. I dont think i can get enough of her books..