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Judas Horse begins roughly nine months after Buried ended. Big changes have happened in Jack and Maggie’s life. Big changes are also about to happen in their life. The birth of their baby is eminent. Jack has gotten a promotion at work and become a rising star at the Met. His current case is a string of robberies in a small touristy town where many wealthy celebrities and businessmen live and rent homes. The local police have been investigating for years but when the stakes get upped with the discovery of a dead body, Jack Warr’s assistance on the case is suddenly more needed then ever.
The mystery was spot on. I did not see that twist coming. The plotting and writing were great.
The characters were all unique. Jack’s boss, Ridley, became a new favorite of mine.
I really liked seeing Jack’s growth in this book from Buried. He’s become a great cop in the time between Buried and Judas Horse but he does make morally and ethically questionable decisions. Watching him push against the boundaries in this book made me wonder how long it was going to be before he found himself in some truly hot water.
This book was a fun mystery for anyone who enjoys mysteries. Overall I give this book 5/5