Action and Suspense

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Judas Horse is the second in LaPlante's new Jack Warr series, but reads fine as a standalone. Initially a little hard to get into, the story line and Jack become more interesting mid way. The first few chapters are harder to get into, with the sheer amount of description involved in introducing the new characters.

The character development of Jack in this story make him a character you want to follow. With an aggressive and abrasive attitude, Jack is an unlikely hero, yet I found myself drawn to his story. In the first novel, Jack was a little lost and unlikable. He really comes into his own in Judas Horse.

Thrown in with a new group of investigators on a burglary case that is escalating quickly, Jack Warr finds his Judas Horse and sends him back into the fray to lure out the rest of the burglary ring. With action and suspense, Judas Horse is sure to please LaPlante's following.