The story my nerd girl heart always wanted

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This is the book I never knew, but I always needed. Louisa May Alcott was the author of my childhood, I obsessively read any book I could find that she wrote or was about her. Jo and Laurie were the first couple I ever shipped, before I knew that shipping was a thing. They were my OTP and it broke my nerd girl when they were split up and paired with who I felt were vastly unworthy characters.

If you've ever imagined what Little Women would be like just slightly different, then this book is for you. The voice of the characters, particularly the split perspective was entertaining and kept me reading. The writing was so clear and made you feel the emotions so acutely. The plot made me happy and mad and of course squealing at all the best moments. My love for Jo and Laurie, as well as the other cast of Little Women was reinforced and this was such a beautiful imagining of the Little Women we've come to know and love. I am a huge fan of this book and will read everything by Margaret Stohl and Melisa de la Cruz.