Loved This Retelling!

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I had only recently read Little Women this past January right before I went to see the new movie in theatres. I read the physical book and listened to the audio read by Christina Ricci on Audible. I thoroughly enjoyed Little Women and don’t want to take away anything from the original. However, I’m sure I’m like most of Alcott’s fans and was greatly let down with that ending and the final resolution of Jo March, our star authoress. Well, Jo & Laurie completely healed my broken heart.

Overall, I appreciated De La Cruz and Stohl’s retelling of this fine classic tale. In particular, I liked Laurie’s character more now than from the classic and felt that he was portrayed as a more mature character than in the original and especially compared to the movie. I felt like he was bolder and more confident when it came to Jo. He became a total swoon-worthy character for me. On the other hand, Amy’s character felt like she was written younger and she annoyed me more than the snobbish portrayal of her original character. I suppose I must take the bad with the good.

Likewise, to my feelings from the original, Jo and Meg were still my favorite characters. I felt their characters were the most developed. I think Meg’s character stayed truer to herself, while Jo struggled more with her feelings. Her character growth was interesting to watch unfold, and although I finally got the outcome that I wanted, the sudden change in heart was a little too sudden.

I would definitely recommend this book to those fans who have an open mind and want to have the ideal ending that they felt would’ve completed the story. If I had to choose to reread Little Women again or reread Jo & Laurie, I would most certainly choose the latter.