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Set in the eighteen hundreds, this is the real story of the author of Little Woman, Louisa May Alcott. She's a spirited, chestnut-(curly)haired girl with a talent and a love for writing. At night she will go up to the attic to write for hours each night, and so Little Woman came to be.
I like how the book is so light and merry. It's a fun book but not without its causes and common sense. One instantly comes to her side and and it is like you can see what is going on. The only thing I have wrong with it is that sometimes the author gets too carefree feeling.
But still, I highly recommend this book to all the historical fiction lovers out there, and to all those that love to just curls up with a feel-good book on a sunny afternoon. I'm both of these so of course I loved it.

"Little Women? That's the title?" The author looked concerned. Above her light brown eyes................