Ending was everything I hoped for

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The ending was everything I hoped for. You can tell that the writers really care about these characters. The motivations of the characters felt realistic, and the writers perfectly wove together the original story with LMA's life. I could see how the events from the first part of Little Women setup this story, and how this fictionalized story could supposedly setup the second part of Little Women--this story takes place after the events of part 1, as Jo is working on writing part 2. It was really well done, weaving all of the existing stories into this new narrative. I loved seeing the sisters interacting again, Laurie being a part of the family, Jo lamenting over her struggles with writer's block, and more. Jo's voice read 100% true to her character. And I enjoyed the new elements, too. There were some parts in the middle that dragged a bit, but ultimately this was an enjoyable and satisfying read.