I really loved this book!

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I really loved this book. I was excited to read that it is the first in a series. First, the setting is Key West, a place that I love. The story is full of Key West references and descriptions and I felt like I was back there.

Second, I found this book to have funny parts and a sweet romance. The way Sara and Luis first meet up gives you a hint that things won't go as they seem. Sara is outside the airport on the phone with her boyfriend Ric, whom she subsequently breaks up with in the same conversation. Sara's whole family is coming to Key West for a relaxing family vacation and to celebrate her mother's cancer free diagnosis. Sara was counting on RIc to come to meet her family for the first time. Sara already has family insecurities and showing up without a boyfriend is not an option in her mind. Luis, a Key West firefighter and all-around good guy, overhears the breakup and senses Sara needs help. She proposes that Luis pretend to be her boyfriend for the week and he agrees.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters and the whole way the story comes together. I like how Spanish phrases are worked into the storyline and they seemed to fit naturally, especially when the characters are talking to themselves. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a happily ever after set in Key West with likeable characters.