I loved it!

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Honestly I got this from the library just because the cover was so cute and I loved it. That’s some good marketing with the cover! And this book was good, it was decent I have no regrets.

It’s about a fake fiancée and a social media influencer. And they join a cruise, and to top it all of the girls whole family also joins them. I know it seems a bit odd, and random but books usually are.

And this was pretty interesting. I liked the couple, they were so cute together and had such great chemistry. I also really liked how they handled eating disorders, it was very well thought out and respectful.

It was also handled really realistic, which I loved. This book was super romantic as well. I just felt some parts of the story could’ve been slower, like the beginning??? It was sooo fast.

And one of the characters, Luis he really just annoyed me. But it was overall a good book!!