Great read!!

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So this book did an excellent job at capturing my interest. I pretty much fell into this world and i honestly am kind of sad its over. It was a little instalovey but if you can get past that then you should enjoy it. Luis Navarro is such a hunk! He is charming, down to earth and oh so sexy. Sara is a sort of famous blogger who is funny, sarcastic and overall a sweet girl. They both come from families who are polar opposites. Luis comes from a Cuban family who seems super close thanks to his mami. However some baggage in his past has him at odds with his younger brother. Saras family is full of doctors. Sara feel inadequate when compared to her siblings because they are older and very successful in their careers. When her mother beats cancer they take the keys trip to celebrate. It all unfolds from there. Such a great read. Makes me want to visit the beach asap lol! I cannot wait to see what the next installment has to offer!