Fun island vibe, poorly written story

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I wanted to like this book - a romance in an island setting? Sounds perfect for the summer. However, the writing in this one... wasn't great. Phrases we used and re-used. If I have to read "the sensitive spot behind her ear" once more I may just quit reading. There were plenty of breaths characters didn't know they were holding (another pet peeve of mine) and constant references to her blue-green eyes. There was so much of the same description, it took away from the story.

Other issues I had: the whole set-up. Sara arrives in Florida, realizes her boyfriend isn't joining her for a family vacation and instead of just telling her parents that he was a loser and she can do better, decides to proposition a random guy? Seriously? And then the random guy just says yes? Honestly, this would have been better had it turned out to be a murder mystery because who does that? And not only does the random guy say yes, but then they are attracted to each other? But of course. This is so unbelievable, it's almost funny.

This is supposed to be a family vacation but the grandkids weren't invited? Odd. Minor, but odd.

And last, Sara's eating disorder. This was mentioned as her "big issue" and then discarded for most of the book. The family of someone with an eating disorder should not be pressuring her to eat all the time. Also, this isn't something that comes and goes when it is convenient for the storyline. If the author wanted to include an eating disorder to try to make this more than a fluffy storyline, it should have been present throughout. Talk of random "triggers" and vague references to a therapist is just minimalizing what people with eating disorders truly have to go through. If Sara, as she claims, attended inpatient therapy, this was serious, and her family should know better.

I have the second book in this series, and I'm not convinced I'm going to read it.