Surreal, but heartwarming

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Have you ever been sitting with a large extended family and they're trying to explain to you how every one is related all at once? And you're not really sure exactly what the relationships are, other than the fact that everyone is very insistent that it's important and they're family.

That's this book in a nutshell.

It was admittedly a bit confusing at the beginning, as it was told in a non-linear style by multiple members of the family. And as 200-some page book covers several decades of multiple different lives, things are glossed over a bit. There are sentences like "we were there for a couple years" before moving on to the next section.

But for all that it is confusing, there are some genuine heartwarming moments. I was truly sad to see certain characters go and happy with where others end up.

Definitely a read for anyone that enjoys family sagas.