It’s got to be hard...

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It has to be so incredibly hard to feel as if you were abandoned to the county and that your own mother couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to take care if you. Baby and Sister are constantly reminded of the few memories and flashbacks that they have, but I also think they’re trying to hold onto the little things that they have. The girls think that they see their mother everywhere, in a wide variety of people from all parts of town, and they hear whispers of her voice ( or maybe just hoping that they hear it).

I honestly don’t know if this would be my type of book or not. I don’t know much about the Ojibwe people, other than that they were the original settlers in Canada. Any book with maps ,a timeline or a list of character names is very intimidating to me. Though, I have been shocked quite a few times and often ended up loving the books that were the most difficult for me, ones that I wouldn’t usually pick up become novels that I invest so much time in. Once such read I was very leery of was “ Where The Crawdads Sing.” I didn’t even know what a crawdad was when I started and this was so completely out of my comfort zone. I ended up giving it 5 stars and loved it beyond words.

I guess whether I read it will be up to you guys ...I am sure glad that I’m not the one deciding!!