Emotional Wringer

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A character study in misery and emotional duress. I'm a huge true crime fan, and one of the things that gets discussed often is the fact that crimes against First Nations and Native American women do not get covered nearly as often as they should be. It's a travesty and one that is only now being brought into the light. Because of this, the subject matter of this book instantly caught my eye. Societal oppression often can lead to addiction issues in minorities, which appears to be the case with Azure's mother. This story starts off with first person narrative from a 4 year old's perspective, the morning that she and her sister are taken into Social Service's and it's told in gripping detail, the disgust on the worker's face, the hope on the part of the mother, that she'll soon get her children back, and the confusion from the children - being parted from their mother with no warning. This book promises to be an emotional wringer and I'm looking forward to reading more.