It was different in the best way

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When I read the sneak peek I didn’t expect what the story would be about I honestly thought this was a mythological book with beautiful illustrations. However, I really loved that it was a true story with not just beautiful illustrations but pictures from a close knit family. It was heartwarming and so touching. I found the structure of the book a little confusing. Each stage of the book was represented by one of the Chinese zodiac symbols. That aspect I found strange but overall I loved the story. I loved finding out that she is an archaeologist. She got to explore some really fascinating places. As for her father and their relationship it was again so heartwarming. It was so heartbreaking reading about her pain when she lost both of her parents especially her dad. The scene when her father was injured due to his older age and had to go to rehab and he called her in a panic was so very sad. There was another scene when her father had to defend her and was livid. I won’t describe it in detail because it was absolutely disgusting. I loved her dad in that moment. I devoured this wonderful story about the great love between a father and his daughter.