"Learning from the ancestors" - stunning book in language and art

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This was a beautiful first impression - the artwork is stunning, the writing is so lyrical and the story is incredible (and this was just 16 pages!).

An archaeologist by training, Alexandra Chan turns the lens on her own family to recount the story of their journey to the US from China. The first impression tells the extraordinary story of her grandfather escaping from a death sentence in China and coming to the US ultimately settling in Georgia as a laundryman. The structure of the book (following the Chinese zodiac) seems like the reader will be taken on a journey that involves mythology alongside Chan's family history. I'm so excited to see how this will unfold over the decades.

Chan's writing is beautiful to read - the opening paragraph of the "About the structure of this book" is one that lingers in its powerful yet understated quality. The artwork and photographs only add to the text. Can't wait to read the full book!