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Not what I was expecting- but still good!

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The summary of this book really pulled me in and I waited for this book to come out and then promptly bought it as an audiobook. I somehow skipped over the part where she becomes a lesbian. And so, I was not prepared for the majority of the book to be her sexcapades with females. But once I realigned my brain to enjoy was the book was actually about, I really enjoyed it. It was very light and humorous also has a moral about abuse in relationships and creating boundaries.

I really enjoyed the ending and was, in fact, hoping for it. I enjoyed how Julia's life was put into comparison with her roomy, Alice without going back and forth in the narration.

The book is very blush-worthy and not acceptable to listen to at work, or in the car with your toddler who is trying to sound out new words. Several scenes are rather sexually graphic and detailed.