Didn't Care For This

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I honestly didn't care for this book and I really struggled through it. I found the characters, though at times, witty, they were generally unlikable and I couldn't relate to them, though I really tried. This has been described as a Bridget Jones type of book which I would have been totally down for but in all essence, it was more like a Fifty Shades of Gray but not. And I wasn't a fan of Fifty Shades.

This story follows Julie, mid -twenties, living in London and she hasn't had sex in three years. Then she discovers that she may be a lesbian, which is cool and i have zero issues with. But it just struck me as a not so great story with a not so great protagonist.

I'm really not quite sure if I would read a book by this author again. Though I do believe in second chances. I would definitely not recommend this book however. Maybe I just was in a mood when I read this. Oh well.