The Murderer Isn't Obvious

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I picked up an advance reader copy of this book at the Public Library Association 2020 Conference. The story begins at the funeral of Nnamdi's father, the police chief of Kalaria. Everyone knows that the local crime boss, the Chief of Chiefs, killed him, and this seems even more likely when he shows up at the police chief's funeral with his underlings. Nnamdi is furious, but too afraid to say or do anything. A year passes and Nnamdi's father's murder has still not been solved. One night, the ghost of his father appears and gifts him the Ikenga, a magical object that gives Nnamdi superpowers. Nnamdi uses his new powers to stop criminals and rescue a kidnapped friend. He eventually finds out who murdered his father and brings him to justice. In the end, when given the choice to give up the burden of the Ikenga, Nnamdi chooses to keep it so that he may help others.