Surprised Myself

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Nnamdi's world is turned upside down when his father is killed suddenly. The town he lives in is being run by criminals and everything he knew to be true about his world is suddenly gone. That is, until one year later, on the anniversary of his father's death, when his father's spirit returns and gives him the power to put his world back the way it should be. But, as with all things, this power comes with responsibility, and a price to pay.

I read the first impression of this a while back and was really not expecting to enjoy it. There is so much about this book and its' characters that are different from me, I did not think I would find much to relate to. But I was wrong. Nnamdi and Chioma are any child and their best friend. Nnamdi sees the world through tainted eyes after the death of his father, but Chioma sees the reality of the world and brings Nnamdi back to it. I really enjoyed the story line and seeing Nnamdi learn about his new power and how to use it responsibly.

I was a bit disappointed by two things....First, I really felt like the story ended rather abruptly. Without any spoilers, they find out who the bad guy is and then the story just ends. Second, I did not feel like the Ikenga and how it worked was explained well. I think this was done so that the reader felt like he/she was learning along with Nnamdi, but I felt like in the end he figured it out and I didn't. I would have liked a better understanding of what it was and how it worked.