Ikenga Review

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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* I've been wanting to read this book for i'm pretty sure well over a year! finally got the audiobook copy from netgalley and it was awesome! I wasn't sure how much i'd like this book but it was really great! loved the sci-fi, super hero vibe it had. Great middle grade book and was still enjoyable to read even as an adult, It didn't read overly childish or annoying as many middle grade books tend to turn out to be in my opinion!

The cover is awesome and honestly i forgot what the book was about by the time i read it, so it was good surprise! Once i started this story i didn't want to put it down and i finished listening to it within a few hours lol. This is a book i wish i'd won a hardcopy or paper back of for sure! could have read it sooner and i would have loaned it out to a few kids i think would really like it!