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Nnamdi’s father was the Chief of Police when he was murdered. Twelve-year-old Nnamdi wishes he had the power to take on the man he believes murdered his father, the Chief of Chiefs. Then one night Nnamdi is given a gift, a Ikenga. With the Ikenga he receives superpowers to revival the supervillains that frighten and hurt the people of Nnamdi’s town. But can he control his new powers to save his town and find the man who murdered his father?

The only people in the story with powers until Nnamdi receive the Ikenga are all villains, bad guys. It is never explained how they got their powers. And there are no good guys with powers to fight them until Nnamdi comes along. It is a good lesson in how power can be corrupting. All the villains could have easily have used their superpowers for good but instead they turned to evil. Nnamdi had to learn to control his powers and not let them corrupt him.

I thought the friendship between Nnamdi and Chioma was sweet. It was definitely one of the defining relationships of the book.

I enjoyed this book. There are many great lessons for middle graders and adults inside a wonderfully told story. This is a book I recommend for anyone, no matter the age.

Over all, I give this book a 4/5