Good combination of action and character growth

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IKENGA, set in a Nigerian village, is filled with details about Nigeria. (I was ready to eat a mango by the time I finished the book!) Beginning with the funeral of Nnamdi's beloved father, there is a mystery about who killed his father, the police chief of Kaleria, the story soon takes a supernatural turn when Nnamdi's father comes to him from the spirit world and gives him the gift of the Ikenga, a magical object that will give Nnamdi super powers, something like The Incredible Hulk (minus the green coloring).

Soon, Nnamdi, who in his superpower persona that becomes known as The Man, is not only continuing his father's work of cleaning Kaleria of the criminals that terrorize it. But he also has to learn to control his own anger and grief while he finds out who really killed his father.

All readers, but especially those fans of super heroes from the Hulk to Black Panther, will want to keep read reading!