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I absolutely love this book!!!!!!! The description automatically caught my attention!!!!! And the genre is young adult which anything pretty much in that genre I usually do love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not think I would like this because of the cover (I know “never judge a book by its cover”) but good thing I did not because I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The plot was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore the main character she was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This author is so talented this book has everything someeone could live in a Young Adult book… the plot.. amazing..!!!… the characters…. Amazing..!!!…. The writing…..!!!!!! Amazing….!!!!!.!.!.!!.!. This book is four stars in my book!!! It is so so so good will definitely pick up again to read!!!!!!!! I will definitely be recommending this book to friends!!!!!!!!!!!!