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Upon seeing the book cover and reading the blurb about a Chinese American girl who uses her exceptional academic abilities to pay for her schooling, I anticipated a more somber and melancholic read. However, while the book does touch on topics like classism, racism, poverty, and inequality, it presents them in a brilliant manner that provokes thought and elicits strong emotions. I found myself sympathizing with Alice from the very first chapter, where she eats with her family at a restaurant and senses an impending doom due to the rarity of such outings.

As a high-achieving student at Airington College, Alice is only awarded a partial scholarship, leaving her family unable to cover the remaining tuition. She is faced with two options: return to the United States and attend a school in Maine, or attend a public school in Beijing - an unsatisfying prospect. Time is ticking, as she has until the end of the semester to make her decision.

Just when she thinks things cannot get any worse, Alice experiences a strange sensation after an award ceremony where she engages in a heated argument with her nemesis, Henry. She starts to shiver and hyperventilate, eventually realizing that she cannot see her reflection in the mirror - she's become invisible!

Desperate for a solution, Alice turns to Henry for help, as he is the only one who can match her intellectual prowess. Together, they come up with a plan to create a special app called Beijing Ghost that allows students to move about unnoticed. Alice believes her newfound power can help her earn enough money to cover her tuition and ease her family's financial burden. However, as the saying goes, "with great power comes great responsibility," and Alice will soon learn the true consequences of having too much power.

The book seamlessly blends fantasy with an enemies-to-lovers romance, all while conveying powerful messages. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, more than I initially expected.