This was such a fun read!

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I absolutely love this book, it made me feel so many emotions from fear to stress to happiness to anger. I screamed, I laughed, and yes I did cry. I fell in love and I’d do that again if I could. I’d read this book again for the first time if I could.

The main character being Alice has always felt invisible amongst her wealthy classmates in her boarding school until one day, she truly does turn invisible!

Imagine using your powers, which for Alice is turning invisible, and spying on your classmates. Now that’s cool, but it’s also terrifying, and there were many moments were my heart was beating erratically for Alice as she turned invisible, and honestly nearing the end I felt my heart almost rip out from my chest from the fear and panic I was feeling.

Like I have a literally obsession with this book now. And I have a huge obsession with Henry which is one of the characters in the book! I loved the enemies to lovers and how the characters relationship developed throughout the plot and the story, and Alice is a very like able character with a nice backstory that many could relate to.
This book is not only entertaining but it opens your eye to reality and it helps you see how others might go on with their lives and the difficulties they might be facing.

Anyways, like I said, this is a book I think everyone needs to read!