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This story follows the life of Alice Sun - a hard-working, intelligent girl who attends an international school called Airington in Beijing. Although she constantly wins academic awards for her brilliance and is the smartest girl in her grade, she has always felt like an outsider at her school.

Airington is an expensive boarding school, and Alice attends on a half-scholarship. She doesn’t come from a place of wealth and privilege like the other students, and her parents have poured all of their savings into her education. However, this still isn’t enough to fund half of the tuition.

When her parents inform her she will have to switch schools after the next semester, Alice’s world comes to a crashing halt - Airington and the influence it has are vital to her having a successful future.

However, a blessing in the form of a curse arrives when Alice starts uncontrollably turning invisible. She soon monetizes this ability through her app Beijing Ghost, wherein she takes requests to perform tasks for others - high-stakes tasks that most people would be unwilling or unable to take on.

To be entirely honest, I found this book a little disappointing. After reading the synopsis and the first chapter, I got the impression that this was going to be a bit like Gossip Girl set at an international boarding school. While the actual premise of Alice utilizing her invisibility to “help” others was interesting, I felt a little misled by the synopsis.

Now, onto what I liked about this book.

Alice and Henry, the academic rivals with undeniable chemistry, made for some intense will-they/won’t-they throughout the book. I thought that their banter was hilarious, and felt like their rivalry really helped them both push themselves to be better.

I also loved the self-awareness and growth that Alice showed as the story progressed. Her reassessment of priorities and focus on developing her friendships and relationships as the novel went on was pretty heartwarming.

Check this book out if you like reading about:

🌟 Secret, Uncontrollable Powers
🌟 Enemies to Lovers
🌟 Academic Rivalries