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I knew I would like this book as soon as I read these words in the excerpt: “All grow up in honey jar. You know what I eat at your age? Sweet potato. Every
day, sweet potato." There is nothing better than reading about other people's parents and how critical or reproachful they can be. Then "Less
than ten minutes ago, she’d been commenting on how my
cheeks had grown rounder over the summer holidays; only
by her logic is it possible to be too chubby and dangerously
undernourished at the same time." As a woman whose mother was also very critical of my body growing up, I can completely relate to these very words. I haven't recently read a book where a parent is so critical of a child's looks. It seems like a line many authors aren't willing to cross, and I love the bravery of this. I also really liked the main character's competitiveness with the Henry Li boy from school. This book seems like it will be one of the best selling books of the year.