Entertaining YA magical realism

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Alice Sun is different from the other students at her elite boarding school. They come from rich families and Alice’s parents while once barely able to afford her tuition, now cannot afford to keep her in school. Something changes though and Alice becomes even more different – she turns uncontrollably invisible. Realizing that she can use this to her advantage, Alice discovers her classmates’ secrets and sells them. But how far will things go?

IF YOU COULD SEE THE SUN was filled with action, intrigue, and social commentary which made for an engaging read. I love academia settings so the premise of this book sounded interesting right from the start. I liked the writing style. The plot moved along at a good pace. I would have liked to see a bit more character development. The social commentary was nicely wrapped in and brought up some though-provoking subjects.

I’d recommend IF YOU COULD SEE THE SUN to those looking for an entertaining YA read with magical realism.