I think this will be a heartwarming, intriguing read.

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I was impressed and drawn into the storyline from the beginning. The author did a good job in creating the characters who fit perfectly with the story. I thought the dialogue was good. My first impression is a good one and left me intrigued and wanting to read more as the family struggles to come to grips with the fact that the patriarchy of their family is gone and they each react and show their grief in different ways. I was saddened and confused by the attitudes of some family members, but that is the way it often is with families. They appeared to be somewhat dysfunctional in my first impression. The author is to be commended for the detail and quality of writing that drew me into the storyline. The character who stood up and spoke at the funeral was a strong force and I would like to see if she pulls this family together at the end of the story.