Everything I want in a family drama

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Well, Celadon has done it again! Another family drama — different from what I’ve read before — that was messy, relatable and moving. Cat Shook is a debut author who should be on your one-to-watch list.

After the family patriarch Gerry dies, his family members head back to small town Georgia for the funeral and an extended stay for a close friend’s wedding shortly after the funeral. Gerry’s wife, kids and grandkids listen intensely when Gerry’s best friend, Fred, delivers the eulogy —- and a huge secret. In addition to the story line — the characters are also great — Grant who thinks every woman is fair game after his stint on the Bachelor; Delia who won’t shut up about her ex; Jennifer and JJ who are unhappily married and are both flawed; Red, their sweet son who is trying to figure out who he is in life.

My only complaint is that there was no family tree in the front of the book. It would have been so helpful. For the paperback release, maybe?