this was AMAZING

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This story was exactly my cup of tea. I'm a sucker for dual povs and soft romances, and this is everything. There were so many lovers and so much love, through time and space connected by art, art, art; humans are born to create, after all. Art and birds are very symbolic in this story; the characters are connected by drawings and songs and tattoos, and those songs and tattoos and drawings usually have something to do with a bird- for example, the Nightbird, the mysterious music that connects Evan and Shosh, the main lovers, both grieving family and a future that feels so far away now. And maybe it isn't romantic, not at first, but it's definitely love. It's a love that transcends lifetimes and bodies and fate, and it's all-encompassing and beautiful and so deep. The characters are so lovable and the story is heartwarming and if this book isn't on your tbr, you have to add it immediately. The writing is lyrical and poetic and the theme of soulmates was wonderfully done and there were so many parts that made me want to stop and cry, but not in a sad way. This is a book I won't ever forget, and I'll probably schedule a reread for on a snowy day.