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I Loved You In Another Life is such a sweet coming of age story with a romance. I say that, as yes there is a romance and I liked it, but I don’t feel that is the best part of the story. No, I found myself far more enamored with the huge focus on family and personal growth that the characters undertook. In fact, I’d say that for a fairly large portion of the book, there is no romance, though it’s clear to see where it’s headed based on the chapters of other lives interspersed throughout the story.

For at least half the book, the main focus is on where Evan and Shosh are in their lives- hurting for various reasons, struggling with how to plan their next steps. Man, I’ve said it many times but it bears repeating, seventeen and eighteen year olds should not have to choose their entire future trajectories. I digress, Evan and Shosh have to do just that, and with a lot on their plates. They are both dealing with some pretty heavy family issues, and personal issues, yet have these looming unknowns hanging over their heads. So when they end up drawn to each other, it makes sense.

Here’s the thing: if you’re going into this for the “other lives” part… you may not be totally satisfied? I enjoyed reading about the other lives, don’t misunderstand! I just didn’t really get what their point in the story was, and frankly, never really got any such answer. The book mostly reads as a contemporary, with this little hint of “other”, which is not a bad thing! Just perhaps not wholly what I expected.

A few more reasons to read this one before I tag out: Evan’s mom and brother are legit everything. Like can I just have a spinoff of those two? Looove. Also, this book is very therapy positive, and I love how the author handled the mental health aspect with open and honest conversations. Very well done!

Bottom Line: A very lovely story about choosing your path, overcoming obstacles, and yeah, maybe finding love too.