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I love David Arnold's writing!! I don't mean to sound disparaging to other YA writers, but not many others do it like him! It's genuinely incredible how easily he's able to suck you into a story with his characters and entertaining writing style, often funny, sometimes heartwrenching. It's all of the things the blurbs say it is.

"I consider the variety of analogies I might use to convey my heroically sh*tty night: Cheese-dust-on-your-fingers awful? Preface-your-Facebook-post awful? If someone calling when they could have texted were a night out, that was my night."

Does this book being about two teens' love for each other outlasting everything sound tired to me? With tons of tragedy mixed in? Sure. But the execution is amazing. I loved the slow progression and melding of Evan and Shosh's storylines. I loved The Electric Kingdom too, and am looking forward to whatever he writes next.