a heart-warming story

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I love the idea of soulmates with songs and art being the thing that brings/ties them together. I also love the stories of other soulmates that were sprinkled throughout the book. This book is beautifully written, in fact I think the style of writing is integral to the success of the book because it sets the right mood for reading and buying into such an emotionally heart-warming and touching story but keeps it from being overly sentimental. Another thing that helps with that: there is a lot of depth to the plot--it's not just the love story, but also the exploration of illness and addiction, grief and loss, family and friendships. There is also a mental health component that I appreciated. Last but not least, I found the characters to be very realistic, which is a difficult thing to accomplish when exploring these themes in the context of a YA book. It can be tough to create a realistic version of how actual teenagers might think and talk about such deep topics, but I think the author achieved that well.