Sweet & Engaging YA

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I Like Me Better is the story of Zack and Chip- two high schoolers whose paths have never really crossed. When Zack ends up doing summer community service for a prank at the conservation center, Chip must reluctantly work with him. What Chip doesn’t know is that Zack is taking the blame for a teammate whose college future is on the line. As Zack and Chip get to know each other better, Zack tries to show Chip that he’s more than his reputation.

I Like Me Better is a sweet and engaging coming-of-age story. As they slowly become friends, Zack and Chip have a lighthearted and hopeful romance. Much of the tension surrounds the soccer team, as in who will be captain next year and whether their previous captain was truly that great. Zack must learn to stand up for himself and have confidence in his choices. I loved the setting of the conservation center, especially Daisy the dolphin! I Like Me Better is a joyful and relaxing YA read that I would definitely recommend to anyone.

I would especially recommend this for readers who enjoy Alice Oseman (Heartstopper), James Acker (The Long Run), and Julian Winters (As You Walk On By).