Super sweet YA novel

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The story follows the journey of 15-year-old Julia, a girl who is struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Julia feels like she doesn't fit in with her peers and is constantly comparing herself to others. However, everything changes when she meets a quirky, kindhearted boy named Ben. As their friendship blossoms, Julia begins to see herself in a new light and learns to appreciate her own unique qualities.

The author does an excellent job of portraying the challenges that come with adolescence and the journey of self-discovery. The characters are relatable and authentic, and readers will find themselves rooting for Julia every step of the way. The writing style is engaging and easy to follow, and the pacing is just right, making it a page-turner that is hard to put down.

Overall, this book is a beautiful and inspiring story that encourages readers to embrace their true selves and celebrate their own unique qualities.

Sincere thanks to BookishFirst and Inkyard Press for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.