Read this if you're a fan of Heartstopper

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Light, summer read with a sprinkle of sports romance ft. two queer teens trying to make the best of their last summer.

This is my first time reading from Robby Weber and I can say that this novel can be included in those 'Read this if you enjoyed Heartstopper' lists.

A sophomore YA novel from the author, I like me better explored several topics that were typically discussed in YA books such as friendship story, identity, young love, and what's next after high school.

The friendship story between Zack, Beckett, and Meyers are enjoyable and I won't be surprised if Beckett or Meyers will have their own book in the future. This trio are all soccer players in Citrus High and have been friends since their childhood so when their last high school summer commences, they are excited to make the most of it except they didn't see the conflicts they were about to encounter.

Identity is always a tricky, vast area to explore and on this one we have two young queer teens who are still testing the waters when it comes to romance and the good thing that I liked is that they started as friends until they realize that they're sure that they both want to commit.

Swifties will devour The Taylor Swift references in this book since one of the supporting cast (Meyers) is a confirmed Swiftie.

Overall, this is such a feel-good quick read that you will enjoy most in summer trips but you can still read any time of the year.

RATING: 4stars