Queer Dating Tip: Use Your Dog To Pick Up Hot Guys

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I really enjoy stories like this, where the main character realizes he’s a bit of a selfish asshole and changes the way he treats those around him throughout the story.

Unfortunately, this one just didn’t capture me as much as I wanted to.

We follow Zack, a soccer player who “takes one for the team” and takes the blame for his captain’s prank so his captain can get into a good college. Zack soon finds himself forced to complete community service for the summer, but doesn’t find the experience too bad when he realizes he can use it to his advantage to work alongside a cute boy.

As Zack works his community service hours, he begins realizing things about himself and what he enjoys in life. In particular, he begins questioning whether or not he enjoys soccer enough to make it a career out of it and whose opinions he should let dictate his life.

Typically, I enjoy stories like this, but I just wanted more from this story. More detail. More enthusiasm. I couldn’t even really understand Zack’s attraction to this boy, Chip, throughout the story. Sure, I enjoyed Chip as a character, but I couldn’t find a reason Zack would have a crush on him. To me, Chip was just some dude. Not obvious as a romantic interest for our main character.

I found this book to be okay, but it didn’t grab my interest enough for me to truly care for it.