OK queer YA book

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This book would probably really appeal to a young adult, and, unfortunately, I am not actually a young adult (although I frequently read YA books). Maybe these YA books are just being repetitive, or people think they need to address every lifestyle outside of cigender to be appealing to others, but this book seems to cut off more than it can chew.

I didn't even really care for the main characters. The main protagonist wants to change to fit everyone. He never has worked anywhere (really focused on soccer) and all of a sudden wants to save the planet and be a conservationist? It seems so transparent as an adult reader, and I just don't know if I loved that aspect of the book.

Maybe it is my age, but I felt like this book was trying to be everything to everybody, and it just ended up making me not like the book, in the end. I definitely wouldn't recommend, except to a very small snippet of my friends.