Not just a simple summer

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The impression that the synopsis of the book is that this will be a summer romance story and in my experience in summer romance, especially in YA, these are mostly those which feels so much short lived and full of that summer bliss, only to be cut short with the incoming school year and then it'll be life changing for everyone. I'm assuming because this is focused on a Jock and his gay romance, it'll be even more life changing. The premise of the first chapters doesn't give me much other than that of Zack's character. He's more of a weak willed guy than you'd think at first glance because he's an incoming captain of the soccer team. I'm also assuming that this weakness of his will be tackled with how the premise is set, and I'm curious how that'll play out when the other guy arrives on the scene. I like the little details that tells me this is set in today's current time (the mention of the new Barbie movie) and how I might get more relation to their struggles and story. The sneak ended with the words "“It’s only one summer,” I say. “Half a summer. Honestly, how much can even happen in half a summer?”", and now I'm giggling inside my head because I'm sure it'll be much more than just that.