Not for Me

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This book had me feeling old and like I was phasing out of this genre. I like YA contemporary novels but this had me turned off for multiple reasons. It was bit of a slow read for multiple reasons. The main character, Zack, was unlikable. Not because he was a jock or being influenced by others, though those had factors, but because it just seemed to be his personality. In some novels that can work, but for most of this I just found him selfish, unthinking, and superficial. There was growth on his part throughout, but I don't think there was enough. It felt like there should have been more depth and conversation about his past, his feelings, and why he was acting the way he was. It needed more reflection. While the story was moving, it felt like nothing was happening either.

I will say that I liked Chip very much and I feel like if this book had been from his point of view I would have enjoyed it more. He was cute throughout the whole story and I felt like we actually learned more about his family dynamics than we did Zack. Their relationship was very natural feeling and I enjoyed the times they spent together. Zack being a soccer athlete was also nice to read about. It's not a sport I read or know much about, but I like how it showed how chaotic being an athlete during the summer can be.

I'm sure others would enjoy this, but it wasn't for me. It took me so long to get through this and in the end I just wasn't satisfied.