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Robbie Weber hits it out of the park yet again with his sophomore book, I LIKE ME BETTER. First off, the setting was incredible and I'd love to read more books set in Citrus Harbor, Florida. Zack is a great main character in that he's popular and extroverted, quite the opposite of most protagonists in YA romance. He does have trouble keeping up with his soccer stardom and his parent's divorce. He's a relatable character with real-life problems and despite being a soccer star, he does have bouts of insecurity and is a bit naive. He makes mistakes like any teenager would.

The stakes are low in this book but the plot I full of humor. I loved how the author balanced the romance with the plot perfectly.

I LIKE ME BETTER is a cute, fast-paced romcom you're going to love. If you're in the market for a great YA gay summer read, this is the one!

Thank you Bookishfirst for the finished copy