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Perfect for fans of Heartstopper and Red White and Royal Blue.

This was a movie on paper. It had aspects of self discovery, growing up and high school drama. There were a lot of parallels to Heartstopper such as the sports aspect but still held its own as a story. I recommend this story to anyone that wants a wholesome story that explores their own identity as a teen.

I wish a could have had more of this story. I love to see a series where other characters are added to each books in a series that still is in the same universe as this couple kind of like the lovelight farms series. Additionally, I like to see a lesbian couple as one of the couples in the series. Another idea would be to have a bi main character that explores what it means to be bi and address any misconceptions that is a coming of age novel.

This author has been added to my autobuy list. Looking forward more work!