I liked it.

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Summary: "This is not how soccer-star Zack Martin thought his summer would go. When the captain's prank means trouble for the whole squad, Zack’s left with no choice but to take one for the team and cover for him.

Now he’s trading parties and beach days for community service at a seaside conservation center—fair enough. But thanks to his new reputation, the cute intern, Chip, won’t even give him a shot. Still, Zack finds himself falling for Chip between dolphin encounters and shark costume disasters, which means he suddenly has way more on the line than he ever expected.

Zack may be good at winning on the field, but can he keep up the lie without losing himself? "

Thoughts: I have some mixed feelings after reading this book. There were some things that I loved, but there were other parts that fell flat for me. I loved the queer representation and how natural the relationship between the two main characters was. I also loved the Marine Institute. But I didn't really feel connected to some of the major plot points in the story--the prank, the conflict in the relationship, etc. I also felt the plot moved kind of slowly the first half, and picked up later in the book.