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I Like Me Better tells the story of Zack and what happens when he takes the fall for a prank he didn't do. That part I never really got. Why would you take the blame knowing you will get in trouble? He gets community service for the deal which is a pretty serious price to pay for something you did not do. I have to say that I did not like the Zack character so that kind of made the book trying at times (lots of head shaking). He comes across as a jerk and just not all that likable However, I found myself really liking Chip, Noah, and Beckett. All three of them have their own issues but they are adorable and messy, not just messy. I really liked how it normalizes falling for another guy and does not make it into some weird situation. Cuz, it is normal, you love who you love and that can be anybody. This is a really easy read and it offers some different takes on a lead character, like making him not quite as lovable as you may be used to. All in all, this is a great story that I highly recommend.