Good quick read!

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This was such a quick and cute read! It was refreshing to read a YA novel where the characters actually seemed to act their age instead of like an adult with a teenage label. I love the character development that Zack went through and how the summer before his senior year changed him. Despite getting mad at him for the mistakes he was making even near the end of the book, it was all very realistic to how a teenager would act and the choices that they would make.

There was a lot of pop culture sprinkled throughout the book that added another layer of realism. I feel like a lot books I read tend to avoid that, but this book wasn't afraid to embrace it and acknowledge how the world actually is.

I really enjoyed the friendships between the main characters. Groups of three are hard to keep and there's lots of jealousy involved which could be seen between Zack and Meyers and Beckett and I really like the way it was handled here. All of the characters were really cute and I enjoyed how supportive they were for each other!