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Thanks to inkyard press and bookish first for the copy of this book!

Zach is ready for a summer of fun, soccer, and winning the next captain. But when the previous team captain gets him to take credit for a prank he didn't pull, Zach is forced to do community service over the summer where he meets Chip. But Chip, along with the rest of Zach's friends, think that he is the one who pulled the prank and doesn't think highly of him. Can Zach make up for the lies and pull the team and his relationship together in time?

I liked this one a lot! Zach is a great character but kind of naive for most of it, following along with what his friend wanted even when it was clear it was the wrong thing. I really liked Chip and think he was a great love interest! I also loved the soccer scenes and team development, which was probably one of my favorite parts. Wish there was even more of that!

I like that this talks about marine biology and ecology. I loved that it talked about how sharks were mostly misunderstood... But then had someone get bit by a shark????? Like???? That is so rare. So I didn't like that part.

Overall, I thought this was a good summer book and enjoyed it! I also loved that there wasn't any homophobia!

CW: animal death, off page; toxic friendship